Customer Reviews

Best food I have had in years. So thoughtful and creative with amazing flavors. Would make a trip back to New Orleans just to eat there.
— Jennifer / YELP
What the hell are these guys doing with Asian food? Something damn amazing! That’s what. This place looks like something you should drive past, but don’t do it. Stop here, eat here, you’ll thank me and I don’t even know you.
— Jeremy / Zagats
We came to New Orleans mainly to experience the cuisine. To our surprise, our best meal in a city known for its Cajun and Creole food was the delicious and well prepared food at Red’s Chinese. This is Chinese food with a twist made with quality ingredients and packed full of flavor.
— Hanna / Trip Advisor
If you love yourself you will get the Kung Pao Pastrami. Holy mother of god.
— Brandon / Facebook
Best Chinese food I have ever had. Anywhere. Literally everything we had was fantastic. So much flavor. Drinks are great too. Don’t miss this place. You’ll regret it.
— Adam / YELP
OMGOSH I have found my food heaven. Red Chinese has put it’s own twist on Chinese food. It’s unique, it makes perfect sense really. It’s magnificent.
— Kortneijo / Google reviews
Wow! This is one of those rare places where the aromas of the cooking dishes is attention grabbing. The spicy flavors of the fried dumplings are addictive—totally new and challenging. The menu here needs to be explored in detail, and based on what I’ve tried, is likely to be one of the most unique and noteworthy in the city.
— Jel / Urbanspoon
It’s like LSD for your taste buds.
— Lola / Facebook
In a massive food culture city like New Orleans, it’s difficult to stand out and to survive the initial wave of “the new place”, but Red’s delivered the best meal of our entire trip.
— Cody / YELP
I had a friends reunion of all my friends that studied abroad in China with me here. There were about 10 of us, some who lived in China for 5 years. All of us agreed that this was the best Chinese food any of us have ever had. If you are in New Orleans, you definitely want to go here.
— Joshua / Google Reviews
There are not enough stars in the sky, let alone on this rating system to properly convey how much I love this place
— Kristen / Facebook
Have you ever had a meal so good u wanted to cry? This happened today during lunch time. Today I had a foodgasm. I couldn’t believe how all the flavors just melted together and dance in my mouth.
— B.L. / YELP

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